COLUMBUS, Ohio is Booming: An Expert's Perspective

COLUMBUS, Ohio is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom. According to BLM, the state is showing consistent growth in key business metrics and making it easier for companies to do business. Peter Mohler, interim executive vice president for research, innovation and knowledge at Ohio State University and scientific director of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, believes that when planning new facilities, the school must consider population growth in Columbus and across Ohio. Stanley told WSYX that to remain a first-rate city in studies such as those at the University of Toronto, Columbus needs to continue to develop responsibly.

Goebel points out that what works in Columbus is not a one-size-fits-all strategy for the entire state. The arrival of a huge Intel chip plant has caused business growth in the Columbus region to skyrocket. The city's population is projected to increase annually until 2050, and Ohio State University is overseeing a new semiconductor research center. Google recently announced its second data center in the region, which now ranks tenth in the United States. Columbus is also home to the second largest Somali community in the United States. At Ohio State, Woody Hayes Drive leads to Innovation Way, where the university is expanding its research capabilities through a new mixed-use innovation district on 275 acres.

Land prices around Intel have increased up to five times more than before the announcement. Domestic companies have signed high-profile agreements in Columbus, indicating a shift in the region over the past five years.36 percent of Ohio State students who graduate stay in the Columbus area, while half remain in Ohio. Smaller cities that are already working to find new ways to grow could end up serving as inspiration for Columbus once the capital's growth eventually slows. The first day in Columbus was busy and he took me to the Budd Dairy Food Hall, an incubator run by a chef in the Italian Village, just north of downtown. COLUMBUS, Ohio is booming and it's easy to see why.

With consistent growth in key business metrics and an influx of domestic companies signing high-profile agreements, it's no surprise that COLUMBUS is becoming a hub for innovation and economic development. With an expected population increase every year until 2050 and a new semiconductor research center at Ohio State University, COLUMBUS is well on its way to becoming one of America's top cities.

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